Dentures | Dentist GlenroyOne of the most common solutions for missing teeth is dentures. Dentures are removable prosthetic dental appliances that can be made of acrylic or cobalt chrome. They are designed to look and function just like your natural teeth.

Because they are removable, dentures are easy to clean and maintain. Also, dentures cost less than other restorative treatments such as implants. If you have missing teeth, your dentist may recommend dentures once you’re determined to be a suitable candidate for the treatment.

The Procedure for Obtaining Dentures

The initial consultation involves assessing your needs and thoroughly examining your mouth to determine your suitability for dentures, which include:

  • Checking the adjacent teeth. Some of these teeth may need to be removed before the treatment
  • Looking at existing tooth restorations such as fillings or dental crowns.
  • Evaluating the health of your gums to ensure there is no infection present.
  • Checking your bite
  • Assessing the gums and the underlying bone if you have no remaining natural teeth.

Being fitted with dentures usually takes 2 to 4 appointments. During the first visit, impressions or moulds will be taken. These will be used as a model for your dentures. The moulds are sent to the dental lab, where an experienced dental technician will fabricate the denture.

The technician will make a custom tray to set a more accurate mould of your teeth in wax. This is used for creating the final denture. The denture will then be fitted. Your dentist will assess the comfort and fit.

After the entire procedure, your dentist will provide instructions on how to properly take care of your new teeth. This will ensure that your dentures stay in good condition for a few years.

Benefits of Dentures

A properly fabricated and high-quality denture can offer some benefits. These include:

  • Filling the gaps caused by missing teeth
  • Replacing teeth that were in poor condition
  • Preventing further shifting of the remaining teeth
  • Letting you eat the foods you want
  • Improving your speech
  • Cost less than implants
  • Can last up to 5 to 10 years with proper care and maintenance

Dental Consultation

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