Wedding Smile Makeover

Smiles are free but they worth a lot!

Your smile is your identity.

Nothing you wear is as attractive as your smile, especially on your wedding day. Though it is free of cost, it means a lot. As you are in the spotlight, everyone anticipates seeing a very appealing and endearing smile on your face. Because of this, those considering getting married are worried about their smile. Their only aim is to produce a mesmerising smile that attracts the attention of others.

Dental Issues That Need To Be Resolved Prior To Marriage

Before their big day, everyone wants to have their dental problems fixed. At Glenroy, our experts will help you bring out your best by providing guidance and preventative dental care techniques.
All dental and cosmetic procedures are done at Glenroy Dental Group only by professionals with years of experience. The following are some dental conditions people want to get treated before marriage:

    • Wisdom teeth removal
    • Teeth grinding
    • Fractured or worn tooth
    • Missing Teeth
    • Knocked out teeth

Dental Treatments We Provide For Prospective Bride And Groom

Teeth Whitening

Glenroy Dental Group can remove the damage and discoloration and give you a beautiful, white smile in just one hour. We make use of professional whitening methods that are meant to have lasting benefits. Additionally, Glenroy dental group offers procedures that are risk-free and won’t damage your teeth or sensitive gums.

Dental Implants

A missing tooth is always a concern for prospective brides and grooms. The Glenroy Dental Group offers implant-supported tooth replacements for single, multiple, and missing teeth. We will organise and evaluate your implant needs. Dental implants will allow you to take full advantage of your attractive smile.


Numerous abnormalities, including crowded teeth, underbite, and gapped teeth, can be treated with this effective and sophisticated procedure. The Glenroy Dental Group recommends this technique for brides and grooms who need dental treatment but don’t want to use conventional metal braces.

Dental Veneers

It is incredibly rewarding to undergo dental veneers in Glenroy for your smile makeover. The procedure enables you to achieve your smiling objectives and have a bright, self-assured, and gorgeous smile.


Another issue that prevents future brides and grooms from flashing their gorgeous smiles is improperly positioned teeth. Dental braces can cure malocclusion-related problems and prevent future dental issues.

Bad Breath Treatment

The most unpleasant dental issue brides and grooms face is bad breath. Enhancing your dental hygiene can greatly avoid the beginning of oral health issues in addition to keeping your mouth clean and fresh. Your efforts to combat bad breath at home may be ineffective without the help of dental experts. Our dentist will inspect your mouth to identify the source of the foul breath and provide the best solution.


One of the most common methods for replacing missing teeth is dentures. They are made to have the same appearance and functionality as your real teeth. Dentures are simple to clean and maintain since they are detachable. The Glenroy Dental Group provides less expensive dentures than other restorative procedures like implants, which are helpful to the soon-to-be brides and grooms.

Root Canal Treatment

A tooth that is harshly infected due to decay, illness, or damage is saved by root canal therapy. Our amazing dentists at Glenroy Dental Group stay current with the most recent technological techniques and advancements in root canal treatment. We promise to deliver and carry out a root canal procedure that is both secure and efficient.

The Reason You Should Select Glenroy Dental Group

  • Expert and experienced team
  • Customised service
  • Comprehensive check-up
  • Best quality materials
  • No additional charges
  • Standard hospital sterilisation
  • On-site HICAPS claim
  • Special dental packages

Improve Your Smile In Just Five Easy Steps

You are just a few steps away from getting the smile of your dreams at The Glenroy Dental Group.
Here are five steps that will help you get closer to your dream smile:

Call ahead and confirm your appointment

By making an appointment in advance, you can choose a consultation time and date that works for you. You are expected to provide the time and date to prevent additional delays.

Be on time

You have to be on time as delays may create confusion.

Consult the expert

Your dental issues and aspirations can be discussed with our dentist once you’ve scheduled a consultation. The optimal treatment option can be chosen after doing a thorough study. Our professional Glenroy dentist will provide a detailed explanation of all your treatment options, charges, and duration of treatment.

Talk about dental issues

Clear your doubts and concerns with the expert. Do not be scared to express your feelings to our dentists, who are skilled at putting you at ease. Our dentists will specifically design the best course of treatment for you based on your needs. You can make the required adjustments if you’d like.

Plan for follow-ups

Depending on the course of treatment you have chosen, you’ll have to follow up. Then only you will see the desired result.

Visit Glenroy Dental Group For Quality Dental Treatment

The Glenroy Dental Group thoughtfully and properly meets your dental needs. We provide special offers and dental emergency appointments to cater to the demands of our valued customers. If you require any dental work, all you have to do is to schedule a consultation with our reputable Glenroy dentist.

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