5 Reasons to Consider Dental Implants- Dentist Glenroy

Dental implants give a natural look to your set of teeth. They are usually made of titanium, although zirconia implants are also used. The implants replace a missing or infected tooth or teeth. Over time they fuse with your jawbone and function exactly like a natural teeth. Dental implants can last up to 25 years and they have a high success rate. These are completely safe when performed by a good dentist. Dental implants help in improved oral health and appearance too. Here are five ways that dentist in Glenroy advises to why you must consider getting dental implants.

1. Preserves Your Set of Teeth 

A gap between your teeth will cause the surrounding teeth to crumble into this space. They will become crowded and uneven, and may cause several dental issues in the future. Dental implants give support to the surrounding teeth, unlike bridges or partial dentures. Partial dentures use the remaining teeth for support. The remaining natural tooth is put under a lot of pressure and may cause gingival issues. Bridges, on the other hand, uses two teeth (located on either side of a gap) to fill a gap. The entire bridge will become useless if anything happens to either one of the natural teeth. Dental implants are screwed into their place, and they use their own support. They do not harm the surrounding teeth, instead, provide support to them.

2. Doesn’t Cause Decay 

Titanium is resistant to decay. If you take good care of your oral health, then you may never have to change the implants in the future. People that neglect their oral health completely, are usually in a risk to get peri-implantitis, which is a periodontal disease caused because of implants. You must follow the advice of your dentist in Glenroy and take care of your teeth as advised.

3. They Improve Appearance and Speech

Dental implants become a permanent fixture for your lost teeth. Loss of teeth impacts one’s appearance and usually makes them feel low or unconfident. With dental implants, they would no longer be apprehensive about their looks and will be able to smile confidently. Lost teeth cause excess air to pass between teeth creating a small whistle when you talk. With dental implants filling this gap permanently, you will be able to speak normally. 

4. Conserves Jawbone

Dental implants maintain the density and integrity of your jawbone. Dentures and fixed bridges cause the jawbone to shrink beneath the missing teeth as the jawbone doesn’t get proper stimulation without a tooth root. Dental implants are fixed and infused with your jawbone providing strength and root to your tooth. 

5. Eating is Easier and Offers Overall Oral Health

Damaged and infected teeth will always cause pain and discomfort while eating. You would be unable to enjoy certain types of chewy or crunchy foods. Dental implants let you enjoy all types of food. It improves your overall oral health. 

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