Dental Health And Diet – Open Up And Say Health!

What you eat affects your teeth, gums, and overall dental and physical health. When you consume sugary drinks or starch-filled foods, you won’t just be feeding yourself, you would also be feeding the germs in your mouth that can result in tooth decay and other gum diseases in your mouth. Sugars and starches can harm your teeth when they come in contact with other elements already present in your mouth and covering your teeth. It can break down the tough enamel on the exterior of your teeth resulting in tooth decay, other inflammatory reactions, and break in the gums. While you might already know things like brushing your teeth twice a day or going for regular dental checkups, here is a list of foods you should eat and avoid to maintain better dental health.


Glenroy Dentist Tips – Food You Should Eat

  • Food with rich fiber content – Foods with fiber can help you maintain your teeth and gum’s health and hygiene. After a good and effective home dental care, eating fiber-rich fruits and vegetables can be your top natural protection against cavities and gum ailments.
  • Dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese, and others – Dairy products can be very beneficial. Cheese can get your saliva flowing. The calcium present in cheese and the calcium and phosphates present in milk and other dairy products can help in restoring the minerals that your teeth might have lost because of eating unhealthy foods. Dairy products are also useful when it comes to the rebuilding of tooth enamel.
  • Green and Black tea – Both the teas comprise polyphenols that act together with plaque bacteria. These substances can either eradicate or resist the growth of these bacteria. This helps in preventing the bacteria from developing or making acid that can harm your teeth.
  • Sugar-free chewing gum – It also helps in making more saliva in your mouth that take away food particles from your mouth.


Dentist Glenroy Tips – Foods You Should Avoid

  • Sticky food substances like sweets and candies – Eating sweets is not bad, but eating too many of them can be harmful. When you eat sweets, immediately clean your mouth afterward. Also avoid sticky stuff like lollipops, caramels, etc. that have refined sugar, especially if you have sensitive teeth.
  • Food with high starch content – Starchy foods can also get stuck between your teeth. Foodstuffs like soft bread, potato chips, etc. can get stuck between your teeth can cause damage if not cleaned out instantaneously.
  • Carbonated drinks – With the awareness people have been showing towards junk foods and soft drinks, it is well-known information that soft drinks are the foremost source of added sugar among kids and teenagers. They contain a high amount of sugar and other ingredients that can harm your tooth enamel.
  • Alcohol along with some medications – You should avoid substances that can dry your mouth and affect your saliva generation in a negative way. These substances include alcohol and many medications. If medicines are the reason behind dryness in your mouth, talk to your dentist and get the right kind of help.


Dentist Glenroy Tips – What Else You Should Do?

  • Consume sugary foodstuffs with mealtimes
  • Reduce the snacks between meals
  • Drink lots of water
  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Flossing once a day

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