Glenroy Dental Guide – How Long Can You Expect A Dental Filling To Last

With more and more technological innovations happening every day, dental fillings are becoming more advanced along with dental health improvements. However, in spite of the advancements, fillings still have a limited usage period after which they start losing their functionality. Thus, it becomes more important to ensure that you know when your filling is no longer working.

Glenroy Dentist Tips – Silver Filling

The traditional method of a silver filling is less popular these days, yet silver filling is incredibly strong and long-lasting. Silver fillings are resistant to wear and tear that comes with chewing the food. Nevertheless, even the strongest fillings will reduce their effectiveness with time. That means, your silver filling can last approximately 10 to 15 years.

You can see the signs of failure of silver filling as they when they start to fail. If you see that your teeth are turning dark, it might occur because of the metal seeping out of your filling and onto your teeth. You may perhaps also feel ache, or see that your filling can lose it under pressure. Both are indicators of a failing mixture filling.

Composite Or White Composite Fillings 

The white composite filling has not been in use as long as a silver filling. It means their longevity is limited as compared to silver filling.

Based on the studies of older kinds of composite filling, it would last about 7 to 10 years in fit patients.

Newer studies on advanced white composite filling show that it can last up to 12 years if the patients take proper care. Nevertheless, more thorough research is needed to find the answer for how long white composite filling can last on an average.

White composite fillings can begin to cause discomfort and pain when they fail. You might feel unexpected sensitivity around a tooth with the filling because of the temperature or pressure. It could be a symptom of a decayed filling. You might also feel pressure when you take a bite or have raw or sharp pain that would come and go. There might also be dark spots, teeth could feel rough when you touch them, and cracks forming in your teeth could mean that your composite filling is failing.

Replacing Your Fillings

Time can lead to wear and tear of any dental material on your teeth. If your tooth has a filling and you notice any of the decaying symptoms, it is time to contact your dentist and schedule an appointment as soon as possible to determine if your fillings are beginning to fail.

As the tooth decay appears around the dental filling or filling, more dental care would be needed. As more repair work is done, the durability of the original filling declines. Sometimes, the dentist might suggest you to put a crown or a cap on that decaying teeth and that would increase the lifespan of that filling restoration.

Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Well, you can avoid all that by just using two minutes to clean your teeth at least twice a day, using floss and mouthwash every day, and make regular trips (six monthly) to the dentist for maintaining good dental health and hygiene.

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