Parenting Tips to Raising Kids With Good Oral Habits


Our amazing dentists at Glenroy always appreciate patients who practice good oral habits. Habits are inculcated when we are young and, thus the parents must introduce their children to good oral habits that will prove beneficial to them even after they become adults themselves. Our dentists suggest some interesting ways in which parents can raise their kids with good oral habits:

Timely Dental Visits are Important for the Children

Setting some rules for children regarding their oral health care will help them have a strong set of teeth and healthy gums. Besides following good oral habits, you must also schedule regular visits to the dentist to ensure their teeth are healthy.

Pre-teeth Dental Care 

After they are born, a baby’s teeth develop within their gums. You must consult with dentists to understand what would be best for them. Our caring dentists at Glenroy will help you understand the importance of healthy food for the development of healthy gums and teeth.

First Teeth

The first set of teeth usually come out when the child is six months. It may be painful for your child and thus, you must visit the dentist to understand how you can help your baby. Our skilled dentists will also perform a general oral check-up to ensure everything is fine. They will suggest that you begin cleaning your baby’s teeth using a soft cotton cloth or with the help of a super soft baby brush using just plain water. This helps in keeping plaque away.

Permanent Teeth 

Once the children are of six years, the baby teeth fall and are replaced by permanent teeth. They continue to grow till they are eleven. Dental check-ups should always be scheduled to ensure that the development of teeth is healthy and timely.

Some Important Tips:

1. Brush and Floss

Your children will learn from you so, brush and floss twice each day and make sure they do it too. Make sure they brush their teeth at night before going to bed because bacteria and germs eat away the food stuck between the teeth. If it is not brushed away, it soon builds plaque and causes tooth decay and other gum diseases over time. Parents following a healthy oral care routine set an example for their children who are quick to follow their footsteps.

2. Eat and Drink Healthy 

Candies, excessive chocolates, sugar, cold drinks, etc. are unhealthy. They can be saved for special treat days like Sundays. But make sure you add a lot of healthy food and beverages to your kid’s diet. You can make fresh fruits and vegetable drinks instead of the market bought juices that are high in sugar and cause damage to your teeth. Healthy foods offer calcium and several nutrients that are healthy for teeth and gums. Chewing all types of cruciferous foods like cauliflower and broccoli are known to help eradicate bacteria from your mouth.

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