Despite following a good oral care regime, it is significant that one visits their dentist at regular intervals. At times we are unable to detect the early signs of gum diseases or other dental problems. But a dentist easily notices such symptoms. Our caring dental team in Glenroy is skilled, experienced, and possesses the ability to determine any oral issues while examining the patients. Here is what happens in a routine dental check-up:

1. The Dentist Asks Some Common Questions 

Before our amazing dentists in Glenroy can begin your check-up, they ask you some questions related to your oral health. This helps them to understand your oral health clearly. Some general questions that are asked are:

  • About lifestyle – about your eating habits, if you smoke or drink, etc.
  • About medications – if you are suffering from any medical condition for which you are taking any medications or are allergic to any medicines or you have other allergies, etc. 

2. Examines Your Mouth

Next, the Glenroy dentists examine your gums and teeth. They look for discolored teeth, signs of gum diseases, decay in teeth, plaque, symptoms of oral cancer, etc. They may also take x-rays to check the health of your jawbone and gums. With the rise in the number of people suffering from oral cancer, dental clinics have included oral cancer screening as a part of routine check-ups. The dentist examines your jaw and soft tissues of the mouth to look for any signs of oral cancer. 

3. Dental Cleaning

Usually, in routine dental check-ups, the dentist cleans your teeth of any tartar that usually builds-up beneath your gums and on the teeth. At The Glenroy Dental Group, our dentists use ultrasonic cleaning equipment for a dental cleaning. Once they scrape away the tartar, they polish your teeth. They will also advise you to brush and floss your teeth regularly to maintain oral hygiene.

4. Education 

Once the dentist has checked for all abnormalities and performed dental cleaning, they will discuss with you about general oral health and what you can do to have a healthy set of teeth. If required, they may list down medications or oral care products that will benefit you. 

For someone that does not have any dental problems, it is recommended that they visit a dentist twice a year. However, if someone suffers from oral health conditions that require care, they must visit a dental clinic as and when they are asked to visit by their dentists. 

At The Glenroy Dental clinic, you will receive the best oral care. From our front desk staff to our dentists, everyone will make you feel comfortable and welcome at the clinic. We offer dental care services for all age groups using the best technology that is practiced in the present. You may get in touch with us over the phone or walk-in to our clinic on the below-mentioned contact/address details. 

The Glenroy Dental Group

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