Dental Emergency

Emergency Dentist Hadfield:

Oral health emergencies should not be ignored. They could be potentially serious and must be treated immediately lest they increase the risk of permanent damage resulting in an extensive treatment.

Dental emergencies happen suddenly and we are left wondering how it happened and what needs to be done next. Here are some situations that you are likely to face along with tips from our dentists to what you must do next:

Dental Emergencies in Hadfield can be in any form such as these:

1. Loss of Permanent Tooth-Get appointment for Dental Emergency Hadfield

If for some reason, you have lost a permanent tooth, you will need immediate help. Our dentists suggest that you look for lost tooth and rinse it – don’t scrub it. Try to place the clean tooth back in the place or just place it next to the place from where it fell. For children or anyone who don’t think they can hold the fallen tooth in their place, keep the tooth in a small cup of fresh milk and then give us a call immediately.

2. Broken or Cracked Teeth

If you are facing the situation of cracked tooth or teeth, then rinse your mouth with warm water to clean the part. Then use a cold compress against your face. This will help in treating the swelling if any. Those with broken tooth should look for a pulp of reddish flesh, you a dentist right away.

3. Toothache? You need help from Emergency Dentist Hadfield

Toothaches can cause extreme pain, and if you are experiencing pain, then rinse your mouth with warm water. Cold compress presses against your cheek will also help in reducing the pain. If the pain persists, you can try taking a painkiller you have been prescribed by your dentist earlier. You must call Glenroy Dental Group at such an emergency and let our skilled dentists take care of this situation.

4. Bleeding from Mouth

For someone who has just undergone a tooth extraction, some bleeding is considered normal, and it will stop after some time. Blood on your dental floss is an indication of gum disease, but blood in the saliva is a sign of an advanced stage of gum disease. Our mouth naturally prevents blood; it is very rare for us to bleed from abrasions or gums in the mouth. It is not normal to bleed from your mouth. Don’t let it pass instead, get in touch with us immediately and we will check and provide you with the best treatment for the condition.

5. Something Stuck Between Teeth 

If there is an object that is stuck and will not come out despite you trying to remove it with floss then you must get it treated from your dentist. Never use a sharp object, especially metal objects to extract it.

Emergency Dentist at Hadfield

Besides the situations mentioned about if you face any other type of oral health issue or emergency, then you must visit your Hadfield family dentist, The Glenroy Dental Group. We ensure to provide you with the most advanced treatments painlessly. You can book an appointment with us on the mentioned contact details.

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