Dental emergencies often happen at odd times, but when you have The Glenroy Dental Group dentists in Glenroy and Hadfield to take care of it, you don’t have to worry about anything. We are here to help you fix your oral emergencies with comprehensive care designed especially for your needs. Whether you have an oral injury, extreme toothache, or broken teeth you can visit us to get it fixed. 

Dental emergencies that Glenroy and Hadfield dentists take care of 

1. Extreme Toothache 

If you suddenly get acute tooth pain or feel discomfort, which you think is not manageable then you can get in touch with us. You can take a pain killer to calm down the pain temporarily.

2. Dental Issues Caused by Trauma

If you have been in an accident that has resulted in chipped teeth, broken teeth, along with bleeding, then you must call us right away. You can rinse your mouth with lukewarm water slowly, apply a cold compress to the affected area and we will take care of it once you reach us. 

3. Objects Stuck in Mouth 

Check to see where the food has been caught between the teeth and try to remove it gently without using any sharp objects or metals. If you cannot manage to remove it, just come to us, and we will help you. 

4. Sudden Bleeding 

If you find blood in your oral cavity suddenly or in the dental floss often, then it could be symptoms of gingivitis or gum disease. Some people choose to ignore, but this will only cause the disease to worsen and cause you pain. It should be taken as an emergency and you must see your dentists at Glenroy and Hadfield. Blood in saliva can indicate a very advanced stage of gingivitis or even cancer. For people that have just had their tooth extracted, some bleeding is normal, but it should stop in some time. Continued bleeding should also be considered an emergency and you must give us a call and our skilled dentists will provide you with relevant treatment.

5. Abscess on Gums 

An abscess will usually look like a pimple, which is located on your gums. They look like pimples and can be red, yellow, or white in color. They don’t pain initially, but as the infection grows, it may cause pain and discomfort. When your gums or a tooth/teeth get infected they show up in the form of an abscess. You must not try and burst this pimple, instead brush and floss your teeth regularly and see your dentists at Glenroy and Hadfield. This would probably require a root canal or whatever treatment your dentist thinks would be best for you.

At The Glenroy Dental Group, we understand all your dental emergencies and this is why we have a dedicated team to take care of such situations. You will be in the best hands and your oral condition will be taken care of quickly. You can call us or visit us in our clinic at Glenroy and Hadfield on the below details:

Address: 2/830 Pascoe Vale Rd, Glenroy, VIC 3046

Phone: (03) 9306 6511