Missing a tooth is unappealing from an aesthetic standpoint. A gap in your teeth can be both annoying and humiliating. Apart from being unattractive, missing a tooth can damage your dental health. Hence, replacing the tooth with a dental implant, a dental bridge, removable partial dentures, or other alternatives is important. Our dentists will discuss the options that best suit your needs. But it should never be an option to choose no replacement. So, keep reading to know the importance of replacing lost teeth in Glenroy.

What Causes Tooth Loss?

Before discussing any further, you must understand the reasons behind tooth loss.

Tooth loss is most commonly caused by decay, gum disease, and accident. Additionally, knowing more about the causes of tooth loss will help you decide how to replace your missing teeth.

Gum Disease

Gum disease arises when the gum tissue and ligaments are damaged. These tissues and ligaments play an important role in anchoring your teeth and protecting tooth roots. Once this structure weakens, your tooth roots can loosen, leaving you vulnerable to tooth loss.

Tooth Decay

Bacteria promote dental decay by converting glucose into acids, damaging the tooth enamel. Eventually, cavities develop and the tooth may disintegrate, necessitating extraction.


Sport-related injuries and structural issues with the jawbone and gums can result in tooth loss. These issues may not become apparent for some time after the accident has happened.

Importance Of Replacing Lost Teeth in Glenroy

Each Tooth Is Important

Our smiles are the most significant part of our identity, and a gap caused by a lost tooth might make you feel less like yourself and you may fear to smile in front of everyone.

Apart from appearances, our teeth are all equally significant and play an important role in your mouth’s functionality. So, when you lose a tooth, the bite pressure on the remaining teeth changes. Moreover, after a tooth is lost, your other teeth must compensate for the chewing and biting that your missing tooth can no longer do.

Difficulty In Eating Some Food

When you lose a tooth, your mouth’s overall capacity to chew food is reduced. This could indicate that you eventually feel a little uncomfortable when consuming certain meals.

Affects Other Parts of Your Face

Missing teeth can alter the position of your remaining healthy teeth, causing the upper and lower jaws to become misaligned. You may start to feel muscle tension in the areas around your jaw bone and muscles due to this. Headaches and migraines can result from this stress and discomfort.

Leaving A Gap Or Multiple Gaps Can Cause In More Missing Teeth

Cleaning may become more difficult due to tooth loss. Also, a missing tooth allows plaque to accumulate and cause decay in other areas, resulting in gum infections and tooth loss. If you don’t replace your missing tooth, you may end up losing more teeth due to your inability to clean your teeth as efficiently.

We At The Glenroy Dental Group Care For Your Teeth

We see patients with missing teeth every day. Sometimes they are recently extracted teeth, and other times they have been missing for years. The reasons for the missing teeth differ. However, the reasons for replacing them are frequently the same.

Hence, whether you need to replace teeth or maintain their health, our professional staff can assist you! At our office, we try to provide all of the services required to maximize your oral health. So, contact our specialists at The Glenroy Dental Group today to learn more about the alternatives for replacing lost teeth or having a thorough evaluation of your mouth’s health.

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