During pregnancy a woman has many things to think about. One thing that is sometimes overlooked, but shouldn’t be, is the need for pregnant women to remember their dental health – for themselves and their babies.
While some medications and treatments should be avoided in the first three months, most routine treatment is safe, so let your dentist know you are pregnant.

The Glenroy Dental Group offers these 4 important strategies

  • Ensure tooth and gum health. Gum disease can not only cause damage to your health but it can also affect your baby potentially causing premature birth or a low birth weight baby. Healthy gums can reduce transfer of bacteria your baby, which can lead to early childhood tooth decay.
  • Treat acid reflux and vomiting related to pregnancy. Some pregnant women experience morning sickness, which includes vomiting and/or acid reflux. This causes a heightened risk of tooth erosion.The risk can be reduced in several ways: rinse your mouth with water or mouth rinse, lightly smear toothpaste on your teeth, chew sugar free gum, and always wait 30 minutes before brushing after vomiting.
  • Watch for signs of gum disease related to hormonal changes during pregnancy and if they appear, get them treated.Signs of gum disease include bad breath, swollen gums, red gums (instead of pink), and bleeding gums. If you have any of these signs, check with your dentist.
  • Quit smoking! Tobacco products are not good for anyone’s heath! But, smoking while pregnant is bad for you and your unborn child. Tobacco use can lead to a variety of diseases including gum disease. It affects both of you, so quitting is good for both of you!

At the Glenroy Dental Group we guarantee to look after your oral health during pregnancy, and under all circumstances.

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