Top 3 Most Popular Braces Options For Adults

Not all of us are gifted with a perfect set of 32. You probably didn’t get your teeth braced when you were a kid, but now you want to have a fine set of teeth by getting them corrected. Crooked teeth hinder that beautiful smile, but Orthodontics gives us the option to precise our teeth with the use of braces. Today we are going to discuss about the top 3 most popular types of braces that are best for adults:

1. Damon Braces –
Damon braces are quite popular amongst the adults and also preferred by orthodontists. They are self-ligating and the procedure to fit them is similar to that of the traditional metal braces. The difference between traditional and Damon braces is that the braces are connected to memory wire which attached to the slide brackets without the pressure that traditional elastics usually produce. They are then set to move your teeth slowly and tighten, with time. The procedure uses minimal force unlike the traditional braces, which mostly need additional treatment through palatal expanders and/or tooth extractions.
This is what makes them very comfortable to wear. Damon braces are also better to look at and studies show that most patients complete their treatment about 7 months ahead than what they would do while wearing traditional ones.

2. Clear Aligners –
Clear aligners are made of strong plastic that are customized to fit in an individual’s set of teeth. They are transparent dental braces that come without wires and brackets and can help in correcting the alignment of teeth. There are different aligners created at different stages according to the desired position of the teeth. Every aligner helps to move the teeth in a certain position.
Individuals are required to wear aligners for 20 hours each day for. There is a gap of minimum 3 weeks between every aligner, but this may be extended to as long as 6 months depending on the alignment of the teeth. The total time taken for the treatment is about 13 months on an average. Adults prefer clear aligners because they are transparent and give a better look than metal braces. They are very easy to clean and also let you floss between meals. They don’t irritate your cheeks and gums and are much comfortable to wear throughout the day.

3. Metal Braces –
Technology has made the traditional metal braces much sleeker, smaller and comfortable. They comprise of metal brackets which are placed over your teeth with the help of adhesive and then connected with wire. Traditional braces need you to visit dentists frequently because they need to be tightened rat regular intervals. This slowly aligns your crooked teeth. Depending on the alignment of your teeth and the dentist that is treating an individual one may have to wear traditional braces for 2 to 3 years.
These are our top choices for braces for adults, you can pick one with the help of your dentist’s advice. You can also go through the Dentist Glenroy tips for your dental health.