10 Random Facts About Your Teeth

Modern life never seems to slow down or offer a break. Media, technology, and advertising all regularly intrude on our time. The professionals at Glenroy Dental would like to offer you a small diversion with this random (more or less) list of dental fables related to toothaches. We hope you enjoy it.

Some of the fables that focus on how to cure a toothache can be quite entertaining. 

  • The strangest myth is that kissing a donkey, or some other family member, might cure a toothache. This is, of course, unlikely at best! It might cure you from having friends, but it will do nothing for your teeth unless the donkey is a fully qualified dentist.
  • If you have toothache don’t bother venturing onto a farm in search of a donkey smooch, instead visit your skilled dentist at Glenroy Dental.

  • A second myth relates to using garlic to treat a toothache. When crushed or finely chopped two chemicals in the garlic join to form Allicin, which has antibiotic properties and can offer some relief.
  • However, garlic can be irritating to the gum and it is NOT a long-term solution. Keep garlic where it belongs – on pizza or warding off vampires!

  • An example of a dangerous myth is that placing an aspirin on a sore tooth is more effective than swallowing it. This is not only untrue, but could potentially cause oral health problems. Aspirin contains an acid that can cause soft tissue swelling, burn soft tissues, and even complicate dental issues. If you need to take aspirin, swallow it, don’t apply it! After all, if you have a backache you don’t lie down on crushed aspirin, you swallow it.

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