The Glenroy Dental Group | The Advantages Of Invisalign For Your Teens Smile | Dentist GlenroyThe teen years can be difficult. Even minor things can feel like life or death situations. One of Charles Dickens’ most quoted lines begins, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” and that sounds like a pretty good description of being a teen.

Which is why, for a teen, finding out you need braces can be a terrible shock. But The Glenroy Dental Group is here with some good news about Invisalign and how it can make your teen’s teeth-straightening easier!

Invisalign has several key advantages that make them a better choice than metal braces for many teens. Let’s take a look at the top 7 reasons Invisalign is the top choice in orthodontic treatment for teens everywhere.

#1. Self-confidence.

Since the beginning of time, teens have fretted over their social status, particularly at school. Traditional braces, with their obvious metal installations, can lead to name-calling and exclusion. But because they are constructed from clear polyurethane, Invisalign trays are far less noticeable than traditional braces.

Your teen’s friends may eventually notice the changes as crooked and protruding teeth are straightened, but until then, classmates will focus on your teen instead of their braces.

#2. Less time at the Orthodontist’s office.

Invisalign often requires less time with your orthodontist than traditional braces. Since there are no adjustments to make or broken wires to fix, follow-up appointments are usually scheduled for every four to six weeks after your initial appointment. This is great news for busy teens, their families, and pocketbooks!

#3, No “off-limits foods”.

Using traditional braces, teens are restricted from eating all kinds of foods that they love. The wire braces could easily be damaged by eating foods like popcorn or apples. Chewing gum was also restricted while using braces as it could stick and pull at braces. With Invisalign, teens can eat almost anything they want.

The materials used on Invisalign aren’t easily damaged. So as a parent you don’t always have to watch what your kids eat. Because the aligners are removable, patients can remove them whenever they want to eat foods that might damage conventional braces.

#4. Sports Participation.

Many junior and high school students participate in sports. This can be challenging for young athletes with metal braces, especially if they’re involved in contact sports like football or wrestling, in which the metal of braces can cause injury to the soft-tissues of the mouth. These sports require mouthguards, but they are difficult to fit over traditional braces. With Invisalign, however, the aligners can be taken out and a custom-fitted mouthguard can be used to protect teeth, jaw, and mouth.

#5. Musical Instruments.

With traditional braces instruments that require use of the mouth, can be problematic. Some instruments including woodwinds and brasses require specific mouth shapes. Traditional braces can get in the way of proper contact with mouthpieces, and these instruments can irritate pain and sores already caused by metal braces. Invisalign makes playing instruments easy, as aligners are more flexible and can be removed while playing.

#6. Thorough Care & Cleaning.

The care and cleaning of metal braces is a hassle that most young people don’t have the time or energy to accomplish effectively. Removable Invisalign trays make for much easier flossing and teeth brushing. Just pop the aligners out, and brush and floss as usual.

#7. Invisalign Aligners Are Less Expensive.

In case of an accident or loss of your aligners, they can be easily and inexpensively replaced. They also don’t require additional products to sustain them. Other straightening methods require other products like spacers and rubber bands to work properly. Because Invisalign is less prone to damage, it lives longer. Aligners are not easily damaged by the kinds of food that damages braces. You can clean them and continue to use them for extended periods.

Aside from the social benefits that Invisalign offers, the cosmetic advantages cannot be beaten. From misaligned, crowded or gapped teeth, malocclusions, overbites, and more, Invisalign can repair a teen’s smile before they head off to college or to a job. Your child will thank you for the confidence, ease of wear, and results associated with Invisalign.

And, before they know it, Invisalign will give them a stunning, aligned smile!

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