Dentist Glenroy Tips: Don’t let December Damage your Dental Bliss

The holiday stress from work, family, and limited time pressures, the abundance of less that healthy food and drink, and possibly the lowering of our will power to resist temptations add up to one thing: danger for your oral health at this time of year.

The Glenroy Dental Group is here to offer you some helpful advice on how to survive this dangerous dental season. We hope that with just a little self-awareness and a bit of encouragement we can help spare you some pain and suffering in the next year.

Firstly, during the holidays it’s easy to dramatically increase consumption of sugars and alcohol. Alcohol and sugars feed and strengthen the bacteria that cause tooth damage and gum disease. So try to not let consumption of those items go unchecked. Say “No” to seconds and thirds till after the holidays.

Secondly, keep up the good dental habits! In fact, improve your dental routine. Brush twice everyday and floss once. Get in the habit of rinsing your mouth with water after snacks and drinks. Brush during the day with a portable toothbrush packet. If stress is a problem, make a point of not skipping the gym or whatever your healthy way of dealing with stress is. Keep it positive and healthy.

Lastly, share good dental hygiene habits with your loved ones. Think about the children in your life and how you can help to instill healthy, life-long dental homecare habits. The elderly in your life may need help with dental health, especially if they have an infirmity, but might not know how to ask for it. An early January dental check-up for the family is a good family tradition to establish so that small problems don’t develop into major problems.

Make an appointment for the family in early January here at The Glenroy Dental Group, to start the New Year with a healthy dental tone.

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